Misrata mayor elected

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New Mayor of Misrata Yousef Ben Yousef

Yousef Ben Yousef has been elected Mayor of Misrata.  The election took place on Saturday when the new 28-member council met for the first time.  His deputy is Mohamed Hadi Al-Jamel.

Municipal elections took place in Misrata on Monday 20 February, the first in five decades.  BenYousef was one of the four councillors elected for the downtown Shahada Arramalah district.

All the councillors are independents.

Ben Yousef played a prominent role last year getting information to the outside world about what was happening in the city.

Five other councilors elected to join the council’s executive. They are: Salem Beit Al-Mal, Fathi Shahwat, Ibrahim Safar, Ramadan Birween and Atiya Al-Dreini.



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