Cars bombed in Benghazi

Destroyed vehicle from bomb blast in . . .[restrict]Benghazi

Benghazi, 7 November:

A car belonging to an airport security officer who has been named as Abdulrahim Jalali, blew up  in front of his home yesterday evening in Benghazi’s Ras Obeida district. The incident did not harm anyone but resulted in a scuffle between police forces and army personnel present on the scene.

The Libya Herald‘s Maha Ellawati has learned that a second car in the city was bombed late this evening, Wednesday. The attack occurred when an explosive device was thrown at an army officer’s vehicle on the city’s airport road. Husam El Ereeb sustained severe injuries and is in intensivel care.

According to a police source, the assailants of this latest car bomb, used a very similar technique to the assassination of Colonel Adel Baqramawi on 16 October, when a bomb was thrown from a pick-up truck at his Hyundai car. Baqramawi was rushed to hospital and had to have his leg amputated but died from his wounds.

Earlier this week Colonel Abdel Kareem Warfalli was found murdered on his farm on Benghazi’s Venice street. The retired colonel’s death remains unclear, as police have not concluded their investigations. It is being reported, however, that the killing was not political and that an attempt at burglary was involved.

An increase in deaths and attempted assassinations of current and former members of Libya security apparatus, has left the country wondering who is behind these crimes and why perpetrators have not been brought to justice. Excluding the death of Warfalli and NTC representative for Tarhouna, Abdul Hakim Abu Naama, the death toll is now at 16. It widely believed that religious extremist are behind many of the assassinations.


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