Zeidan refutes logic of Benghazi western exodus — gently

Prime Minister Zeidan in session . . .[restrict]at Davos (Photo: with acknowledgement to Reuters)

Tripoli, 25 January 2013:

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has questioned the reasons why a number of western governments have advised their citizens to leave Benghazi.  He called the move “exaggerated” but said he understood the motivation.

Speaking in the Swiss resport of Davos where he is attending the World Economic Forum, he said that the situation in Benghazi was not such that foreign governments needed to advise their citizens to leave. Reiterating his government’s determination to ensure the safety of foreigners, he said that measures had been taken to maintain security in the city.

“I think that there was exaggeration on behalf of some countries, who took some preventive measures and we can understand that,”  he said at a WEF session.

Canada today, Friday, became the latest Western country to call on its nationals to quit the city.  The UK, Germany and the Netherlands advised its citizens on Thursday to leave, saying there was a threat against Westerners there.


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