Turkey and Libya draw closer over police training

Premier Zeidan congratulates the first of the . . .[restrict]Libyan police graduates

Tripoli, 19 February 2013:

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan was in Istanbul today, Tuesday, to hand out diplomas to new Libyan police graduates who have successfully completed their training in Turkey.

The award-ceremony was for 817 police graduates, who have completed seven and a half months’ training at the Adile Sadullah Mermerci Police Training Centre in Istanbul.

Zeidan thanked the Turkish authorities for the police training programme, which was part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Libya and Turkey. He spoke of the long-term cooperation between the two countries and stressed how important continued good relations with Turkey were for the new Libya.

Zeidan’s visit to Turkey appears to be part of intensified efforts to resolve economic relations between the two countries. It has been estimated that Turkish firms are owed some $20 million in back payments and compensation.

More new Libyan police recruits are also being trained in Qatar, the UAE, Jordan and the UK. [/restrict]

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