French Foreign Minister Fabius flying to Tripoli for Embassy attack briefing

By Michel Cousins.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will receive a full . . .[restrict]briefing on this morning’s attack (Photo: Tom Westcott, Libya Herald)

Tripoli, 23 April 2013, 12.25 am:

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is due in Tripoli this afternoon for a full briefing on this morning’s attack on the French embassy in Hay Andalus.

According to the SSC Facebook page, Libyan Jihadist websites have posted songs celebrating the attack saying it was in revenge for France killing Muslims in Mali.

A number of people have been injured in the attack. Apart from one Embassy gendarme who was seriously wounded, and anther slightly hurt, several Libyans living in houses around were hurt. An 18-year-old woman living in the house opposite has been evacuated to Tunisia for treatment after being hit by the kitchen door which was blown in by the explosion.  She is said to have suffered spinal injuries.

An 18 year-old undergraduate law student was injured when she was struck by kitchen doors blown in by the force of the explosion (Photo: Tom Westcott, Libya Herald)

In a statement, former Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Ashagur, called the targeting of the French embassy in Tripoli “cowardly”. An attack on a foreign embassy in a crowded area was a “crime against the Libyan people”.  It was, moreover, an attack on the 17 February revolution. “They don’t want stability for the country. They want to it to be a mess,” he said. [/restrict]

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