Cabinet to be reshuffled and reduced – Zeidan

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Prime Minister Ali Zeidan announced that he will reshuffle and reduce the size of his cabinet (Photo: Sami Zaptia).

By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, 28 July 2013:

Speaking at yesterday’s press conference, called on a public holiday in reaction to the three assassinations and the public outrage towards them, Zeidan revealed that he was reshuffling and reducing the size of his cabinet.

The Prime Minister said that he was “on the verge of a cabinet reshuffle” and that he was going to reduce the size of his government to enable more flexibility, movement, decision-making and coordination.

Zeidan, it seems, nearly a year since his appointment as Prime Minister, was doing exactly what critics said he should have done at the outset of his premiership, which was to choose a small “crises management” government. Instead, Zeidan had appointed 30 Ministers, including those without portfolios.

We want to concentrate on the police and the army to improve the security situation and citizens’ safety, he explained as the reason for his government reshuffle.

Pressed by the media to name those Ministers that were going to be removed from government, or Ministries that are going to be cancelled or how many Ministers or Ministries, Zeidan refused to disclose any further details until he has met with the GNC, but admitted “some Ministers may go”. [/restrict]

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