Zeidan presents government to Congress

Zeidan has submitted 32 names for . . .[restrict]approval to the Congress.

Tripoli, 30 October:

Prime Minister-elect Ali Zeidan has submitted his government to the General National Congress for approval.

There are 32 members of the proposed government, not including Zidan, and Congress will vote on the names shortly. Speaking during a break in session a short while ago, Congressmen seemed broadly satisfied with the names, although admitting that some on the list were unfamiliar.

Two of the names on the list are women, the ministers of tourism and social affairs. There are also special ministers for the Injured and GNC affairs.

Unlike with the proposed government of Mustafa Abushagur, where each of the names were to have been voted on individually, this time members have agreed to vote on the government as a whole. It is believed that this time the government will pass.


The names on the list are:

Prime Minister – Ali Zeidan

First Deputy Prime Minister – Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman

Second Deputy Prime Minister – Awad Al-Barasi

Third Deputy Prime Minister – Abdussalam Al-Qadi

Minister of Justice – Salah Bashir Margani

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ali Al-Aujali

Minister of Interior – Ashour Suleiman Shuwail

Minister of Defence – Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Barghathi

Minister for International Cooperation Mohamed – Imhamid Abdulaziz

Minister of Education – Mohammed Hassan Abubaker

Minister of Higher Education – Abdulasalm Bashir Duabi

Minister of Agriculture – Ahmed Ali Al-Urfi

Minister of Industry – Suleiman Ali Al-Taif Al-Fituri

Minister of Tourism – Ikram Abdulsalam Imam

Minister of Labour and Retraining – Mohamed Fitouri Sualim

Minister of Transport – Mohamed Al-Ayib

Minister of Finance – Alkilani Al-Jazi

Minister for Oil – Abdulbari Al-Arusi

Minister of Electricity – Mohammed Muhairiq

Minister of Economy – Mustafa Mohammed Abufunas

Minister of Religious Affairs – Abdulsalam Mohammed Abusaad

Minister of Culture – Habib Mohammed Al-Amin

Minister of Health – Nurideen Abdulhamid Dagman

Minister of Social Affairs – Kamila Khamis Al-Mazini

Minister of Housing – Ali Hussein Al-Sharif

Minister of Planning – Mahdi Ataher Genia

Minister of Martyrs and Missing – Sami Mustafa Al-Saadi

Minister of Communications – Osama Abdurauf Siala

Minister of Sports and Youth – Abdulsalam Abdullah Guaila

Minister of Local Government – Abubaker Al-Hadi Mohammed

Minister of Water Resources – Alhadi Suleiman Hinshir

Minister for GNC affairs – Muaz Fathi Al-Kujah (special ministry)

Minister for the Injured – Ramadan Ali Mansour Zarmuh (special ministry) [/restrict]

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