Renewed Sebha clashes leave four dead

Fresh violence erupted in the . . .[restrict]town of Sebha yesterday as members of the Awlad Suleiman clashed with the Qadhadhfa (Photo:LH)

Tripoli, 3 January:

Renewed tribal clashes between members of the Qadhadhfa and the Awlad Suleiman yesterday left four people dead in the town of Sebha and several others wounded.

The clashes, which broke out in the Al-Manshiya area of Sebha, saw fighting between members of the different tribes. Four members of the Qadhadhfa were reported to have been killed, and a man from the Magarha tribe was wounded as he tried to give first aid to the casualties.

Shops and schools in Sebha were shut down as a result of yesterday’s violence, and a number of houses in the area were damaged by gunfire from the clashes. [/restrict]

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