Libyan NGOs call for peaceful celebrations

Anniversary demonstrations and celebrations . . .[restrict]should be peaceful, say Libyan NGOs (Photo: Tom Westcott)

Tripoli, 11 February 2013:

Libyan NGOs have united to call for 17 February anniversary events, whether celebrations or demonstrations, to be peaceful.

“United by our joint interest in taking part in the transitional justice process, and having in common the values of peace and dialogue, we call on all sectors of Libyan society to stage a peaceful and non-violent commemoration of the second anniversary of the beginning of the revolution,” the groups said.

The organisations, from Benghazi, Misrata, Sebha, Tripoli and Zawia, said: “Being aware that the ends cannot justify any wrong means, but that good and peaceful means prefigure right ends, we call all individuals, institutions and organisations in this important period to commemorate the anniversary in a safe and secure way.”

They added that despite the sense of insecurity in the country, they were confident that things would change. With everyone working together and supporting one another, they said, Libya would overcome the challenges it faces and achieve stability and prosperity.

“We call on everybody to get involved in the civil and political life of the new Libya, by voicing their ideas and proposals, and respecting one another’s point of view,” the group said.

“In order to achieve our common goals, we invite everybody to embody the change we all wish to see in our beloved Libya,” they added.

The organisations which have jointly signed the statement, released through international NGO No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ), are:

• Council of Women Support to Participate in Decision Making – Benghazi

• “Limada Ana” Association for Women’s Rights – Benghazi

• February 17 Organisation – Benghazi

• Libyan Human Rights Organisation – Benghazi

• Association of Civil Society Organisations – Misrata

• “Ahrar Libya” Organisation – Sebha

• “Alkeir” Cultural and Social Organisation – Sebha

• Lawyers Coalition – Sebha

• Libyan Organisation to Monitor Elections – Sebha

• “Wa Ma Tuqaddim” Organisation – Sebha

• “Rakaz” Organisation – Sebha

• Southern Libyan Women Union – Sebha

• Libyan Centre for Strategy & Future Studies – Tripoli

• Arab Spring Human Rights Organisation – Tripoli

• Libyan Youth Forum- Tripoli

• Libyan Youth Union- Tripoli

• Martyr “Ahmed Krekshi” Organisation for Orphans – Tripoli

• National Amazigh Libyan Conference – Tripoli

• Phoenix – Tripoli

• Mother of the Martyrs – Zawia

NPWJ, which established its programme ‘Supporting Libya’s Democratic Transition through Justice and Accountability,’ told the Libya Herald that it supported its Libyan partners with their statement calling for any demonstrations to be peaceful. “We are committed to continuing to provide support for Libya’s transitional justice processes and emerging democracy,” it added. [/restrict]

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