National Unity government announced

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 19 January 2016:

The Presidency Council headed by Prime-minister designate has announced the names of members of the government of national unity. The ministers are (in the order announced by Council):

  1.  Defence: Al-Mahdi Ibrahim Al-Barghathi
  2.  Justice: Abdulsalam Mohamed Al-Junaidi
  3.  Interior: Aref Saleh Al-Khojja
  4.  Foreign Affairs: Marwan Ali Abu Sraiweil
  5.  Finance: Al-Taher Mohamed Sarkaz
  6.  Local Government: Bidad Gansou Massoud
  7.  Health: Mohammad Sulaiman Buzgaiya
  8.  Education: Khair Milad Abubakr
  9.  Higher . . .

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