GNA forces claim progress in Sirte against IS but casualty figures rise

By Libya Herald staff.

Bunyan Marsous Operation Room (BM Ops Rm).

The GNA affiliated Bunyan Marsous Operation Room says that its forces are making further progress against IS in Sirte (BM Ops Rm).

Tripoli, 14 June 2016:

The Bunyan Marsous says that its forces have been making progress during the day in Sirte against the so-called Islamic State (IS), moving through the town’s western district of Zafran, some four kilometres from the centre Sirte. It claimed it had inflicted “heavy losses” on IS, both in terms of men and equipment. However, it too had suffered losses. It put these at two dead and 18 wounded.

Misrata Central Hospital, however, reports that it received five bodies of “martyrs” during the day and treated 37 soliders wounded in the fighting. The figure is up from yesterday’s toll of three dead and 29 injured.

MCH also pointed out that today’s dead came not only from Misrata but also from Mizda, Sebha and Tripoli. The wounded, it added, were from across the country.

Fresh supplies of medications and medical equipment donated by various groups have meanwhile been arriving at the hospital over the past couple of days. However, the hospital is working round the clock because of the fighting in Sirte. The administration has called on staff to work overtime because of the current situation.

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