Without a quorum, HoR holds consultative meeting

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 20 June 2016:

Unable to hold a formal session today because of a lack of a quorum, members of the House of Representatives held instead a consultative meeting today, Monday, to review the internal regulations and the various challenges facing the legislature.

HoR president Ageela Saleh had last week called on members to attend today’s planned session, but in the event not enough turned up to allow it to make any decisions. It is reported that less than 20 members attended, almost all from the east, although there are suggestions that more might turn up tomorrow.

However, this is unlikely to enable a formal session to take place. Numerous members, particularly from the west, are refusing to go to Tobruk until there is a session to vote on the Government of National Accord (GNA). There have also been complaints of ill-treatment and intimidation in Tobruk of pro-GNA members.

Nonetheless, at a meeting in Tripoli two days ago, some 40 members agreed that they would return if there were a session allowing a vote on the GNA that could be guaranteed free of intimidation. They also said they needed to take action to improve the current difficult economic situation.

Present at today’s meeting, according to the HoR website, were the two deputy presidents, Emhemed Shouaib and Ahmaid Huma, both of whom have been trying to get the HoR to meet and approve the appointment of the GNA.

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