Tension in Janzour as militias fall out

By Ajnadin Mustafa.

Tripoli, 27 June 2016:

There was tension last night in Janzour after the local Fursan Janzour militia (“Janzour Knights”) arrested a member of the Mobile Forces, based the same west Tripoli suburb. The Mobile Forces responded by initially seizing a Fursan Janzour member and two other officials following a clash in which at which one person is said to have been wounded. They are then reported to have set up roadblocks in the area, arresting people from both Janzour and Suq Al-Juma.

The trouble started around 11pm when a Fursan patrol stopped a vehicle at the Siyad traffic lights. Inside were two Zintanis and Hamada Baqs, from Jadu, allegedly wanted by the interior ministry of a number of changes. He is said to a member of the Mobile Forces and nephew of its commander, Said Fiujine.

All three were arrested and dispatched to the Rada deterrence forces offices at Mitiga airbase, in the case of the two Zintanis to see if there were any charges against them. They were taken there by members of the local Counter Crime Agency (CCA) as well as of Fursan Janzour.

On the latters’ return, however, they were stopped by a Mobile Forces unit who, following shooting, captured three men. One is said to be a member of Fursan Janzour, one a member of the CCA, and the third a member of the anti-drugs unit.

Both militias were reported mobilising their forces in area as a result.

The Mobile Forces, although based in Janzour, draws its members from the Jebel Nafusa. Many are Amazigh.


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