More “Russian” dinars arrive at Labraq

By Libya Herald reporter.

Benghazi, 1 July 2016:

Another planeload of bank notes printed in Russia has arrived at Labraq airport. The amount is put at LD 750 million. It is the third delivery of “Russian” notes, ordered by the parallel Central Bank of Libya (CBL) based in Beida.

Despite the deliveries and those of several hundred million dinars to the Tripoli CBL from British currency printer De La Rue, ordinary Libyans are still finding it difficult to obtain cash in any significant quantity – a major problem with Eid just a week away and parents wanting to buy new clothes for their children.

Such has been the shortage in the capital that locals have ignored earlier statements from the Tripoli CBL that the “Russian” notes were not valid and have been happily using then when they can obtain them.

The Libya Herald has seen them being used without objection in Tripoli.

Meanwhile, in a bid to ease the cash problem locally, Tobruk municipal council has ordered a limit to the amount residents can withdraw from the bank: LD 500 per person per month.

There are already LD 500 ceilings in other parts of the country.  In some places it is lower – LD 300 per person per month,

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