Heavy fighting continues in central Sirte as Bunyan Marsous close in IS at Ouagadougou Centre

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 10 July 2016:

Fighting in Sirte today between Bunyan Marsous (BM) forces and IS gunmen continued with the BM operations room reporting that it had launched fresh air strikes while ground fire hit an IS ammunitions store in the centre of town. Other reports, however, say that seven BM troops were wounded near the Ouagadougou Centre.

Fighting near the symbolically important centre has been fierce over the past couple of days, as BM forces close in on IS fighters holed up there.

BM says that it has killed large numbers of IS forces – mainly, it claims, Tunisians and Sudanese. IS, however, was reported to have fired Grad missiles at a number of locations during the day including the first, second and third residential districts and the university campus.

BM has said that it expects the Ouagadougou Centre will fall this week.





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