Ghwell threatens to sue PC investigated for” illegal” entry into prime ministry

By Libya Herald reporters.

Ghwell says the presidency council has stolen his offices (Photo: social media)

Ghwell says the presidency council has stolen his offices (Photo: Social media)

Tripoli, 12 July 2016;

The Presidency Council must pay for any damage to the prime ministry complex as a result of its forced entry into the building yesterday, its former occupant Khalifa Ghwell has warned.

Ghwell, the “prime minster” of the National Salvation Government created by the rump of the General National Congress, initially resigned when the Faiez Serraj and the PC arrived in Tripoli. He then revoked his resignation and has since refused to quit.  Certainly he continued to occupy prime ministry after most of the GNC morphed into the State Council and dissolved itself.  He and his “cabinet” operate from a separate base, sometimes in Tripoli, sometimes in Misrata.

Yesterday, Government of National Accord prime minister-designate and head of the PC made a triumphant entry into the building. Whatever forced entry that may have taken place was not evident as he strode up the red carpet to the entrance and held the first GNA conclave in the main meeting room.  He was expected to give a press conference and the media were invited to attend, but in the event he simply toured the press room on the ground floor and then left. Musa Koni later took the press conference.

It was a serious and rather tired-looking Ghwell, flanked by some supporters, that demanded that the Attorney-General open an immediate investigation into what he described as an illegal occupation. He also said that his government’s crisis committee could not meet to deal with the  problems affecting Libyan citizens.

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