Impatient Libya Dialogue warns Serraj to do better

By Libya Herald reporters.

 Faiez Serraj and the PC have been warned to do better (File photo).

Faiez Serraj and the PC have been warned to do better (File photo)

Tunis, 18 July 2016:

There is growing frustration among members of the Libya Dialogue at the inability of the Presidency Council headed by Faiez Serraj to make an obvious impression in the three months since its members arrived in Tripoli. Power cuts, bank illiquidity and enduring insecurity are their prime concerns.

While assuring the PC of their support if it begins to succeed in its mission, the 22 members of the Dialogue who came to Tunis on Saturday,  have warned the Council that if it were failing, they would pass a vote of no confidence in it.

One member said the PC’s performance was disappointing. He later added that firing the management of state power company GECOL “was not going to make the lights go back on”. GECOL engineers had been struggling to keep a damaged and under-financed power system working. The real responsibility for the present energy crisis, he said, lay with the governments and parliaments since the Revolution.

At the end of the third day of what should have been a two-day meeting, the Dialogue said tonight that the PC had accepted that there should now be regular meetings between the two bodies to chase up progress on the Libyan Political agreement.

It also rebuked the State Council led by Abdulrahman Sewehli for not sticking to the advisory role assigned it by the LPA. It has already restyled itself “The Supreme State Council”. In April it instructed the Central Bank to stop all dealings those members of the GNC who had refused to abandon the rump of the parliament.

The Dialogue members also said that they had set up a committee with the job of liaising closely with the House of Representatives. This would press for the vote on the Government of National Accord and the amendments to the Constitutional Declaration which would allow the LPA to come into force.

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