14 bodies found in Benghazi rubbish dump; victims shot in head

By Ajnadin Mustafa.

The bodies left in a garbage dump in Leithi (hoto:

The bodies were left in a rubbish dump in Leithi (Photo: Social media)

Tripoli, 21 July 2016:

Fourteen bodies were discovered in Benghazi today, Thursday, left in a rubbish dump near the social security headquarters in the city’s once notorious Leithi district.

They are said to have been found with hands and leg tied. All had been shot in the head. There are also reports of signs of torture.

The bodies showed few signs of decomposition and all 14 are thought to have been killed in the previous 48 hours.

The bodies were taken to Benghazi Medical Centre.

The discovery has, at the very least, embarrassed the Libyan National Army (LNA) which, along with other security officials, has made no official statement although military sources are quoted as saying that identities are unknown. For 14 bodies to be dumped in an area the LNA now firmly controls has resulted in questions about its competence. There are also accusations that it was complicit in the killings.

There have been ongoing allegations about opponents of Khalifa Hafter and Operation Dignity disappearing in recent weeks.

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