Kobler brands Benghazi killings “a war crime”, demands prosecutions

By Libya Herald reporters.

Leithi imam Abdullah Al-Fakhri (Photo: Social media)

Benghazi/Tripoli, 22 July 2016:

UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler has said that he is “utterly shocked” at the killing of 14 men in Benghazi who bodies were found dumed in a rubbish tip in Leithi district yesterday. “This is a war crime”, he tweeted today, adding that he wanted an immediate investigation.

“Those responsible must be held accountable and brought to justice,” he added.

Kobler tweet

The victims are said to include a number of people from Leithi, including the imam at the local mosque, Abdullah Al-Fakhri. A father of three, he was also the local marriage registrar.

The other bodies are said to be those of:-

  • Ali Shaaban Al-Zwai (another imam from a mosque in Al-Wahaishi district)
  • Hakim Hijazi (a Benina airport technician who allegedly denounced the presence of foreign forces at the airport)
  • Tariq Tajouri (a Koranic student)
  • Bubakr Bukhatale
  • Sheikh Abdulhadi Razagk Barasi
  • Sheikh Mohammed Razag Barasi
  • Rajab Attia Al-Jazwi
  • Attia Rajab Al-Jazwi
  • Ibrahim Rajab Al-Jazwi
  • Hatem Rajab Al-Jazwi
  • Salih Al-Fahri
  • Emad Alaguri
  • Aimen Al-Zoubik

The list may not been wholly acurate. A relative of the Jazwis told the Libya Herald that while the family had been firm supporters of Ansar Al-Sharia and the father and one some had been killed, two other sons were in Tripoli. He did not specify which two.

The killing of Al-Fakhri has particular angered and upset many Bengahzi residents. He was popular and seen as a good, hardworking imam.

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