Sarraj cuts short Cairo visit over security concerns in Tripoli; three-day state of emergency announced

By Moutaz Mathi. 

Tripoli, 28 July 2016:

A three-day state of emergency for Tripoli has been announced by the Presidency Council. It followed a meeting between the head of the Presidency Council (PC), Faeiz Sarraj, his interior minister Aref Al-Khojja and number of a security commanders.

Serraj cut short his visit to return to Tripoli from Cairo because of concerns about the security situation in the capital amid reports that there would be an attempt by by supporters of the Grand Mufti Sadek Al-Ghariani to take over the city after Friday’s prayers tomorrow.

The discussions focussed on security procedures to protect the prime ministry buildings on Triq Al-Sikka (Railway Road) and other ministries, a source from the PC media office has told the Libya Herald.

Fears of an uprising driven by supporters of the Grand Mufti Sadek Al-Ghariani have been growing over the week and were the reason for an emergency meeting between Serraj, Khojja and security officials in Tripoli while Serraj was on his way to Cairo from the Arab summit in Mauritania. While Serraj was in the Egyptian capital, PC deputy leader Ahmed Maetig has been coordinating efforts to ensure that Friday’s protests pass off without major consequence.

The state of emergency, purely for the Tripoli area, started at 3.00 pm, 28 July and is set to end at 3.00 pm on 30 July.

A PC statement said that this was to protect the security of residents and the government buildings.

Libya Herald has seen the increasing of security check points in different parts of Tripoli during the day.

There is widespread disillusionment in Tripoli with the PC’s performance because of the cash shortage, rising prices, and electricity and water shortages – the reality that ordinary people have to contend with.

“They are all b…ards and we don’t have a drop of confidence in any one of them. They have ruined our lives by their stupid struggle,” one resident told this paper.

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