Nazhuri bans sales of all military supplies

By Ajnadin Mustafa.

Chief of Staff Nazhuri has threatened to fire on foreign ships approaching Libyan ports not sanctioned by the HoR (Photo: LANA News Agency).

Maj.-Gen. Abdul Razzaq Al-Nazhuri (Photo: LANA).

Tripoli, 15 August 2016:

Major-General Abdul Razzak Al-Nazhuri has banned the sale of any military equipment, including not only arms but even uniforms, communications devices and night vision glasses.

Although Nazhuri is still nominally chief of staff of the Libyan army, the order was made in his new but lesser capacity as Cyrenaica’s military governor.

Anyone caught disobeying the order will be tried in a military court, Nazhuri said. Shops and markets would be monitored to ensure that they complied.

Equipment such as uniforms have been widely available throughout the country. Arms can also be easily purchased, although not so obviously.

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