Cartoonist Alsature dies of cancer

By Moutaz Ali.

Alsature who has died of cancer in London (Photo: social media)

Alsature who has died of cancer in London (Photo: social media)

Tripoli, 16 August 2016:

The cartoonist “Alsature” noted for his cutting lampoons first of Qaddafi and then of post-Revolutionary leaders has died from cancer in a London hospital.

Alsature, whose real name was Hasan Dahimish fled his native Benghazi in the 1980s when he was marked out as a regime opponent. He ended up in the UK where he took a series of menial jobs before he won a place in Bradford University to study art. He subsequently married an English girl with whom he had a son and two daughters.

His satirical cartoons used a combination of line drawings and photomontage to often devastating effect. His work appeared first on his own blog and then more widely on opposition web sites.

One of Alsature's Qaddafi lampoons

One of Alsature’s Qaddafi lampoons

He said that he was reluctant to return to Libya after Qaddafi’s downfall because he believed the Revolution would be stolen and the country would not continue on a path the democracy and prosperity.

When he was taken ill he was working for the 218 Libya TV satellite channel. He returned to London for treatment and to be with his family.

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