IS abandons treasure hoard in Sirte

By Libya Herald reporters.

Some of the weapons and valuables from the IS stash (Photo: BM)

Some of the cash and valuables from the IS stash in Sirte (Photo: BM)

Tripoli, 22 August 2016:

A major hoard of gold, cash and weapons has been discovered inside the IS security headquarters in Sirte.

The building was taken by Bunyan Marsous forces early yesterday. However it was not until overnight that the terrorists’ Hisbah ( “Accountability”) centre was declared free of booby traps and could be properly searched,

In one room there were boxes of gold jewellery, wads of largely Tunisian currency, rifles and shotguns, computers, radios and cartoons of telephone cards.

The fact that such a large stash of valuables could fall into BM hands suggests that the IS terrorists are now primarily thinking about their own survival rather than the booty they had amassed.

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