Benghazi car bomb kills three soldiers but terrorist supply boat reported sunk

By Maha Suleiman

Benghazi,  26 August 2016:

Prompt action by a tank driver blocked a suicide bomber from reaching a large group of troops in Ganfouda last night, though three soldiers died and at least ten were injured in the blast.

A big white Toyota Land Cruiser of the type often used by senior commanders and officials approached the position at Al-Jouf around 8pm yesterday. It is not clear what alerted the tank driver to intercept the vehicle and in doing so prevent greater casualties. Nevertheless, two soldiers were killed immediately and another died later of his wounds.  They were members of 298 Brigade (formerly the 204). The injured soldiers were from the 309 Brigade. They were taken to a nearby field hospital.

It would appear that commanders are more alert to the danger of suicide car bombers following the slaughter earlier this month near Gwarsha Gate.  Some 27 soldiers died and more than 70 were injured when a bomber was able to drive right into a  group of troops.

Also last night a patrol craft is reported to have intercepted a small vessel off the coast near Ganfouda. It was fired on and sunk when it did not answer a challenge. A number of bodies was found floating in the water, along with containers of food and water. If any weapons and munitions were aboard, it is assumed that they went down with the craft.

At least two other vessels have been discovered and sunk this year, including one in April caught off Ganfouda by an air force helicopter gunship.

In the course of today air force jets have flown a series of sorties against targets in Ganfouda and Gwarsha.

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