Khoms summer festival starts; Hun festival planned for October

By Libya Herald reporter.

Opening concert at the Khoms Summer Festival (Photo: Khoms Summer Festival)

Opening event at the Khoms Summer Festival (Photo: Khoms Summer Festival)

Tripoli, 26 August 2016:

The week-long summer festival in Khoms opened yestery evening with fireworks and music, attended by several thousand residents and visitors from all the way to Tripoli in the west and Misrata to the east, and all determined to enjoy themselves.

One of the star attractions was a nighttime concert of traditional music which drew several hundred people.

Today there have been games and competitions on the beech including volley ball and a even chess tournament, and in the water, windsurfing and kite-surfing. There were also guided tours to the neighbouring Roman ruins at Leptis Magna.

The festival, focused very much on younger people, is due to next weekend.

Meanwhile, the central Libyan oasis town of Hun is working on the programme for its four-day tourism and culture festival which will take place at the end of October. It too will feature concerts as well as exhibitions and theatre.

The Hun festival started in 1996 and has managed to continued despite the political upheavals and the lack of funding.

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