Nalut reconciliation conference concludes despite initial disruption

By Sami Zaptia.

The Nalut reconciliation conference came to an end today (Photo: Nalute Municipality Council).

The Nalut reconciliation conference came to an end today (Photo: Nalute Municipality Council).

London, 17 September 2016:

Around 1,000 delegates from across the country attended on Friday a national reconciliation conference in the Amazigh Nalut city in the far western Jebel Nafusa, near the Tunisian border. The conference was organized by Nalut Municipality Council.

A source from Nalut confirmed to Libya Herald that the conference was nearly abandoned at one stage as the Friday opening session had to be postponed over a fallout by delegates over formalities.

Some delegates objected to the Libyan national anthem not being played and the Libyan flag not being displayed. There were other objections by other delegates too, he said.

However, the source explained that the opening session was planned to be held in a mosque which was thought inappropriate for protocols such as the national anthem and national flag. As a result, the gathering broke up into smaller meetings in the homes of their Nalut hosts.

The official opening session took place today with the gathering including a wide spectrum of Libyans, including pro-Qaddafi supporters, the Benghazi Shoura Council and Barqa Federalists, the source said.

Today, a five-point closing communique was read out at the closing session:

1-The communique underscored the assurance of the integrity of the unity of Libya’s territory.

2-It rejected external interference in Libya’s internal affairs.

3-It rejected any meeting regarding Libya being held outside Libya and supported the Libya-Libya dialogue.

4-It supported state institutions in the form of the army, police and judiciary under the legitimacy of the state.

5-It announced comprehensive de-escalation measures and the formation of committees to draw up a roadmap for national reconciliation.

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