Ghariani proposing a new legislature

By Moutaz Ali.

Sami Al-Saddi unveiled Ghariani's plan on the sheikh's TV channel (Screen grab)

Sami Al-Sadi unveiled Ghariani’s plan on the sheikh’s TV channel (Screen grab)

Tripoli, 28 September 2016:

A new legislative body, to be called the National Council, is being proposed by the head of Tripoli’s Dar Al-Fatwa, Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani.

One of Ghariani’s aides, Sami Al-Sadi said on Tanasah TV that the plan for the new assembly, which he said would replace the General National Congress, was almost complete.

“A number of independent experts activists have been working on the document for over a year now as it starts to reach its final touches,” said Sadi.

He explained on Monday on Tanasah TV, owned by Ghariani, that the new assembly was designed to help Libya reach stability. The members of the body would be nominees but he did not explain how they would be chosen except to stress that the first qualification for selection would be honesty.

Saddi added that the plan had been presented to legal experts for comment as it was still subject to amendment.  He also explained that it had set out to avoid what he described as any regional agendas.

Ghariani is a long-standing opponent of the Libyan Political Agreement and rejects the Presidency Council and the Government of National Accord that it is still in the process of forming.

The sheikh has also called for Libyans to mobilise for a jihad against Khalifa Hafter and the army in the east. He has said that once the Bunyan Marsous forces had completed the liberation of Sirte they should continue their attack eastwards.

He has continued to back the remains of the GNC after the Tripoli arrival of Faiez Serraj and the PC in March.

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