Sacking stalls HoR plans for relocation to Benghazi

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tobruk, 3 October 2016:

Plans for the House of Representatives (HoR) to relocate to Benghazi have been effectively kicked into touch by the sacking of the man in charge of the move.

According to HoR spokesman Abdullah Bulaihak, Faraj Najm who was appointed by the HoR to organise the relocation has been dismissed by Ageela Saleh, the HoR president. No reason has been given. However, a new committee to deal with the matter is to be established.

Under the original legislation by the General National Congress that established the House of Representatives, it was supposed to be based in Benghazi. The Libyan Political Agreement is seen as effectively upholding this. It stated simply in Article 16 that that after being joined by boycotting members, the HoR should convene a session to consider its “interim” location.

However, a number of eastern members, allegedly Ageela Saleh among them, are reported not to want any change of venue for the time being.

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