BM forces win fight for Sirte’s 600 apartment complex

By Libya Herald reporters.

A tank moves through part of the 600 complex (Photo: BM)

A tank moves through part of the 600 complex (Photo: BM)

Tripoli, 23 October 2016:

Ten Bunyan Marsous fighters have been killed in Sirte as the last five apartment blocks in the 600 complex were finally wrested from IS control after several days of bitter fighting.

One US air strike went in today as the terrorists were driven in a still smaller area.

At least 24 “civilians” women and children, including babes in arms, crossed into BM lines. It is also reported that two more foreigners, a Turk and Egyptians were freed.  It is not known how the pair originally fell in to IS hands.

They are now being debriefed. It is understood that five other foreigners, two Turks, two Egyptians and a Bangladeshi,who were liberated on Thursday are still in Misrata. There has been no  diplomatic nor media access to the men.

In the course of today’s battles, BM forces came across some deep tunnels apparently used by the terrorists to shelter from air strikes.

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