Tripoli’s violent crime spree averages almost six armed assaults every day

By Ajnadin Mustafa.


Tripoli, 25 October 2016:

In the last 15 days in Tripoli, six drivers have been killed by carjackers in the course of the theft of 37 vehicles at gun point.

The extent of the collapse in security in the capital is made clear by figures just released from Tripoli Security Room, part of the interior ministry.

It shows that as part of this violent crime spree, there were also 19 kidnappings, during which four people, including two females, were shot. The extent of their injuries was not made clear.

In addition there were 29 reported armed robberies. Gunmen variously held up shopkeepers, taxis where they robbed drivers and passengers and trucks, from which goods were taken.

These 85 gun crimes work out at almost six a day.

It is very likely that there have been more violent crimes which have gone unreported to the police. In the case of kidnappings, relatives fear that involving the authorities will only make matters worse.

One Tripoli merchant, who had been robbed twice by young gunmen last year told the Libya Herald that he saw no point in reporting the crimes to the police. “Unless they catch these guys red-handed, there is nothing that they can do”.

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