As expected, Libya Dialogue meeting in Malta fails to break impasse

By Libya Herald reporter.


Libya Dialogue meeting in Malta (Photo: UNSMIL)

Tunis, 11 November 2015:

The two-day meeting of the UN-sponsored Libya Dialogue team ended, as expected, today with no breakthrough to the current political stalemate. Instead, the team decided to continue discussing the obstacles to peace at another meeting in mid-December.

In a statement devoid of any surprises, the Dialogue members called on the House of Representatives to amend the Constitutional Declaration to incorporate the Libyan Political Agreement, and on the Presidency Council to address the ‘stifling” security, social and economic problems facing ordinary Libyans regardless of where they are.

The statement also called upon all sides to refrain from violence and the use of weapons in settling political conflicts.

The chances of any of these being implemented are seen as nil.

On the security situation, the Dialogue members expressed their satisfaction at the progress in the crushing terrorism in Libya.  They also commended local efforts at reconciliation across the country.

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