Iraqi journalists seized between Sirte and Misrata now free

By Moutaz Ali.


Kurdish journalist Hunar Ahmed who was seized with two colleagues (Photo:social media)

Tripoli, 19 November 2016:

Three Kurdish journalists covering Bunyan Marsous operations in Sirte have been freed after a thirty-hour abduction by a militia.

The three, reporter Hunar Ahmed and two cameramen work for Kurdistan24 TV channel.  Libyan journalist Abdulmonem Al-Juhaimi confirmed their released to the Libya Herald and said the trio were fine.

The circumstances of the journalists’ seizure yesterday are still unclear. It is understood that they had been travelling back from the front line at Sirte toward Misrata when their vehicle was intercepted.  It is not known which militia grabbed them nor how they came to be released.

Kurdistan24 said that Ahmed and his crew had been in Libya to make the fourth in a series of documentaries for Reporters without Borders, which had previously covered Aleppo in Syria and Tikrit and Batnaya south east of Mosul in Iraq.

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