Sirte terrorists caught trying to swim away and suicide video emerges

By Libya Herald reporters.

The woman (2nd left) seconds before she blew herself up (Screen grab)

The woman (2nd left) seconds before she blew herself up (Screen grab)

Tripoli, 4 December 2016:

Two senior IS leaders were reportedly have been killed trying to swim away from the Sirte beachside properties while video has emerged of Friday’s female suicide bombing.

IS commanders Yusuf Mulaytan and Faiez Attiya were among eight terrorists discovered seeking to escape by sea in the last 48 hours. Two who were captured alive were identified as Tunisians.

Women and children have continued to stumble out of the rubble, though after Friday’s suicide attack by a woman, in which four BM fighters died, they are being handled with far greater caution. No figure was given for the numbers coming across the lines.

Video has emerged of that deadly attack. The black-garbed woman can be seen in the wide entrance to a shelter with a group of men around her. Her captors appear to be yelling at her that she must allow herself to be searched. She slowly raises her arms and looks to be shouting something, at which point the camera turns to follow men rushing for shelter in alcoves before a second later, there is a blinding flash.

BM operations room said today that loudhailer messages continue to call on the families to surrender. In some cases, it said women known to be there were being addressed by name, though BM did not say how it had discovered their identities.

Fifteen bodies were reportedly found in the course of the day with more likely to be trapped beneath rubble as as BM forces carry on blasting the remaining terrorist positions.

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