Libyan man arrested in Malta at prime minister’s summer residence

By Libya Herald reporter.

Malta, 30 December 2016:

Maltese police arrested a Libya man in the early hours of this morning banging on the gates of the prime minister’s summer residence, the Girgenti Palace in Siggiewi.

According to the police, the man acted aggressively and appeared to be intoxicated. It is reported that he had earlier been involved in a fight elsewhere and was dropped off near the residence.

Meanwhile, another Libyan man, 36-year old Ahmad Yassine, was sentenced today to 280 hours community service and fined €10,000 for a bomb hoax at the law courts on 16 November. The magistrates’ court heard today Yassine had called the law courts and claimed a bomb was in the buildings in order to try and prevent a hearing on separation from his wife.

He changed his plea to guilty today after the magistrates, who described him as “a coward, gave the opportunity by  to do so. The magistrate decided, however, there was little point in a custodial sentence.

As well as the fine to cover the costs of lost time and work at the court as a result of the hoax, the man was ordered to pay additional court costs.

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