Benghazi terror suspect caught with cash and women

By Libya Herald reporters.

Terror suspect Mustafa Al-Sohaibi (Photo: social media)

Terror suspect Mustafa Al-Sohaibi (Photo: social media)

Benghazi, 9 January 2016:

Since Thursday’s coordinated breakout by terrorists in Benghazi, Libyan National Army troops continue to surround the Ganfouda and Sabri districts. They have so far launched no assaults to take positions that are now more lightly defended since some 40 terrorists made a dash for freedom.

A Benghazi Revolutionaries’ Shoura Council-linked internet site yesterday showed rousing pictures of fighters in combat. However at least two of the shots look to be from a sequence part of which was published early in November.

There has been little news of the families trapped in the besieged terrorist enclaves. However the LNA claims to have caught a man travelling with several women who were not his wives. The suspect, named as Mustafa Al-Sohaibi and his party were detained near Jalu.

TV coverage showed a quantity of cash, identity cards, airline tickets, bank drafts, terrorist literature and what was said the be a BRSC seal.  The LNA has not said how many women were with Sohaibi nor how the group came to be arrested.

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