Derna Mujahidine Shura Council condemn Hafter and Serraj, declare support for Ghariani

By Sami Zaptia.

DMSC condemn Serraj, Hafter and ISIS, declare support for Ghariani and BDB.

DMSC condemn Serraj, Hafter and ISIS, declare support for Ghariani and BDB.

London, 9 January 2017:

The Derna Mujahidine Shura Council (DMSC) condemned Presidency Council /Government of National Accord head Faiez Serraj and Khalifa Hafter, and declared their full support for the Grand Mufti Saddek Ghariani. They condemned ISIS.

In a statement released Monday, the DMSC called on the thuwar (rebels during the 17 Feb Revolution) to unite together in the face of ‘‘suspect operations supported from abroad’’ which Derna deterred through the will of god.

It invited all those of like creed to its city calling on them not to feel the sadness of a heartache of leaving their city – a reference believed to be to the recent escape from Benghazi by the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB).

The DMSC announced its support for the victories in Misrata, Sabratha and Benghazi and called for unity against the ‘‘criminal ISIS’’ used by local, regional and international ‘‘evil powers’’ to bring down the Arab Spring revolutions.

It called for unity with the Grand Mufti stating that they ‘‘are his soldiers’’ fully supporting him in his rejection of any foreign protectorate-ship on Libya.

Furthermore, it accused Serraj and Hafter of being treacherous to the Libyan people and of selling the country, adding that they are destined to the ‘‘rubbish heap of history’’ together with anyone who supported them ‘‘even with a word’’.

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