Janzour schools closed by fighting

By Libya Herald reporters.

Tripoli, 4 February 2017:

Random shelling in Janzour, 25 km northwest of Tripoli, has led to the closure of all schools in the area for two days its municipality said this evening.

Two days of fighting between neighbouring Wirshefana militias and Fursan Janzour Brigade (Janzour Knights) spiked yesterday when the Wirshefana approached the northern border of Janzour.

“After consultations with the related security boards,” said the municipality, “we have decided to close schools for the next two days, in order to save the lives of our children” adding that if the danger did not diminish, the school closures might be extended.

Fursan Janzour Brigade spokesman Ahmed Abduljalil told Alnabaa TV it is in control of the front lines, but still suffered from missiles that were also worrying residents.

Abduljalil said the the clashes had broken out after “One of our check points, near an area known as Bridge 17, was fired on three days ago. The patrol had to reply against the source and since then the situation has escalated”.

Residents in Janzour say they are terrified and living in desperate conditions. “I don’t know what I can do to save my children’s life, whether to stay at home or try to escape to somewhere safer,” Naji Al-Warfelli, Janzour resident told the Libya Herald.  “However, it remains a hard choice because if I flee, my home will be empty and exposed to robbery by bandits,” he added.

It is reported that five were killed and at least 15 wounded when fighting broke out on Thursday.  The exchanges allegedly started after a Wirshefani was caught trying to steal a car close to Bridge 17.

The Janzour Knights supposedly support the Presidency Council although they were formerly part of the old Libya Dawn alliance, while the Wirshefana forces back Khalifa Hafter.

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