Airforce raid on Jufra airbase kills two: report

By Libya Herald reporters.

Tripoli, 9 February 2017:

At least two people are believed to be dead and another 13 wounded following Libyan National Army air strikes on a Jufra air base.

Details are unclear, but sources say the main target appeared to be the Benghazi Defence Brigade militia allied to Islamist forces including the so-called Islamic State and Ansar Al-Sharia.  However, there are other militias in the area including those from Misrata.

Before the attack local residents reported hearing the sound of planes overhead.

The aircraft attacking the Jufra airbase are believed to have taken off from the Al-Khadim base south-east of Marj – allegedly used in recent weeks and put at the disposal of aircraft from the UAE. It is said to be a base for drones provided by the UAE.

The LNA has reportedly launched other airstrikes against BDB militiamen in and around Hun and a force under Mohamed Ben Nayel had been pushing towards Sebha until stopped in December by the Misratan Third Force.

A month ago, LNA planes hit a group of senior Misratan officials when they landed at a Jufra airbase. Six of them were wounded including the spokesman of the Misrata Military Council, Ibrahim Beitelmal.

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