Clashes in Tripoli between Tajouri’s forces and LNG allies

By Moutaz Ali.

Tripoli, 11 February 2017:

There were clashes for much of Saturday in south Tripoli between the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade (TRB) headed by Haithem Tajouri and the mainly Misratan fighters under the command of Tripoli-based Misratan strongman Mahmud Baiyu, more usually known as Sharikan.

The fighting in the suburbs of Wadi Rabih, Ain Zara, Khala Al-Furjan and Salahedeen, in which heavy arms were used, only tailed off late in the evening.

According to locals, it was Sharikan who moved to seize a number of positions in Wadi Rabih held by the TRB – and succeeded in the Khala Al-Furjan neighbourhood between Salahedeen and Ain Zara. He appeared to have been emboldend to act following the arrival in Tripoli two days ago of military froces from Misrata.

Sharikan’s militia is now firmly tied to the Libyan National Guard.

Today’s clashes mainly took place along the Wadi Rabih highway linking Swani and airport road in the southwest with Tajoura to the northeast of Tripoli.

Sharikan’s area of influence extends from Swani and airport roads to the headquarters of the Man Made River complex at Wadi Rabih which he using currently as one of his bases.

Tajouri’s zone extends from Tajoura down to the junction on the Wadi Rabih highroad leading to Ain Zara. The latter is also under Tajouri’s control.

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