LNA again targets Jufra air base

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tunis, 15 February 2017:

More bombs were dropped on Hun this morning by aircraft linked to the Libyan National Army (LNA). Casualties are unconfirmed although some reports suggest there could have been two fatalities.

The LNA are understood to have targeted the Benghazi Defence Brigade (BDB) which has been using the base as its operational headquarters. Hun residents posted on social media that they could hear the sound of explosions as planes roamed overhead.

The air force says it carried out three airstrikes, destroying a number of vehicles and killing a number of BDB supporters.

The LNA has been targeting BDB patrols in the surrounding area. Three days ago the LNA claimed to have destroyed 40 BDB vehicles as they approached the Mabruk oilfield.

The LNA had said the that attack was dedicated to the memory of three of their helicopter pilots shot down by the BDB south of Sirte two days before.

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