Kajman and Al-Amari back BDB in Presidency Council split

By Libya Herald reporter.

Tripoli, 6 March 2017:

Presidency Council (PC) members Abdulsalam Kajman and Mohamed Al-Amari have thrown their weight behind the Benghazi Defence Brigade (BDB) attack on the oil crescent.

In a statement, Al-Amari said that he supported the revolutionaries. Thet were the guarantee that the former regime could not return or a carbon copy of it – a reference to Khalifa Hafter. However, he added, they should be integrated into the armed forces.

He was also quoted welcoming the decision by the BDB to hand over the oil terminals to the Presidency Council’s government of national accord (GNA)– something the BDB did not, in fact, say. It called for the terminals to be handed over to a force approved by the National Oil Corporation. Nor would it have agreed to the terminals being handed over to the GNA: it supports the alternative “government of national salvation” led by Khalifa Ghwell.

For his part, Kajman has criticised a statement by the PC issued on Friday condemning the attack on the oil crescent by the BDB, saying it had not been approved by all members and did not represent all the members’ views.

Both Al-Amari and Kajman represent the Islamist constituency within the Presidency Council and are wholly opposed to Khalifa Hafter and any dealings whatsoever with him.

This is the first time, though that they have come out so firmly in support of the BDB and the revolutionaries.

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