British ambassador flies to meet Hafter in Benghazi

By Libya Herald reporters.

Khalifa Hafter with UK envoy Peter Millett today (Photo: LNA)

Khalifa Hafter with UK envoy Peter Millett today (Photo: LNA)

Tunis, 15 March 2017:

The British ambassador, Peter Millett, flew into Benghazi today to clarify his country’s position in Libya to Khalifa Hafter.  He met the Libyan National Army commander-in-chief at his headquarters in  Al-Rajma district.

According to a high-ranking Libyan National Army source, Millett regretted that much had been said about the UK’s apparently negative role in Libya. The source added that the LNA had wanted to impress upon on the British the importance of not supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Millett told the Libya Herald: “Our visit was part of our programme of outreach. It was satisfying and useful.”

It is unclear who called the meeting, which came 48 hours after the LNA had retaken the Ras Lanuf and Sidra oil export terminals.  Millett flew in and out of Benghazi and reportedly met no other eastern leaders.

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