PC wins shaky Tripoli ceasefire while Ghwell reported injured in Rixos attack

By Moutaz Ali.

PC's Ahmed Hamza 2

PC member Ahmed Hamza who chaired the ceasefire talks (File photo)

Tripoli,  15 March 2017:

The Presidency Council has tonight brokered a fragile ceasefire in Tripoli while claims emerged that National Salvation Government leader Khalifa Ghwell was injured in the fighting that ousted him from his Rixos complex HQ. Sources say he has been taken to Misrata for treatment.

The deal was hammered out at the PC’s original base in the Bu Sitta naval headquarters. It provides for the departure of armed factions “beyond the law” supposedly along the lines of the Libyan Political Agreement.

However, it is reported that neither the Rada Special Deterrence Force, headed by Abdul Raouf Kara nor the Abu Sleem Central Security Force headed by Gheneiwa (Abdul Ghani Al-Kikli)  has agreed to the deal. This may be because, far from obliging militias to withdraw, the capital has been carved up between them. It is not clear where the other powerful local militia, Haitham  Tajouri’s Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade stands on the agreement.

Among the militia dispositions that have been made public, the headquarters of the Interior Ministry on the Airport Road is to be under “the protection” of  301 brigade which belongs to  Misrata’s Halboos brigade. Tripoli’s Rixos hotel and its surrounding buildings will be taken over by Presidency Guard.

It is not believed that PC head Faiez Serraj was part of the negotiations which it is understood were chaired by his PC colleague Ahmed Hamza, flanked by Presidency Guard commander Najmi Al-Nakua, defence minister Mahdi Al-Bargathi and interior minister Aref Al-Koja.

Also present were  Tripoli Central mayor Abdulrauf Beitelmal, Misrata’s  Mohamed Eshtewi and councillors from Suq Al-Juma  Among the militias that attended the talks, it is understood that the only Misratan force represented the Halboos Brigade.

Earlier today Misratan-led Bunyan Marsous commanders said they were sending 1500 armoured vehicles to force the establishment of peace and security in Tripoli. It is currently unclear what has happened to this operation.

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