Jordan wants Libyan embassy to be in PC hands

By Libya Herald reporter.

Serraj King Abdullah

Faiez Serraj and Jordan’s King Abdullah II at the Arab Summit (Photo: PC)

Amman, 29 March 2017:

The Jordanian government wants the Libya embassy in Amman to be under the control of the Presidency Council’s foreign ministry, the Libya Herald has learned. The Jordanian foreign ministry has called on PC head Faiez Serraj to appoint a new ambassador.

At present the embassy, like small number of other Libyan missions around the world, supports the Beida-based Thinni administration. Embassy staff have told this newspaper they completely opposed to the Presidency Council (PC).

They refused to provide logistical support to for in the run-up to the current Arab Summit held in Jordan and during it. They now predict that if the PC takes over the embassy, there will be two missions in the Jordanian capital, as happened in Cairo, one supporting the PC and the other supporting the Thinni government, the House of Representatives and Khalifa Hafter.

The Jordanian move is a blow for Hafter who has assiduously courted the Jordanians and appeared to have the support of King Abdullah .

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