Sniper kills woman and sailor on Benghazi’s Guiliana Bridge

By Libya Herald reporters.

The Giuliana bridge in Benghazi (File photo)

The Giuliana bridge in Benghazi (File photo)

Benghazi, 2 April 2017:

A sailor and a civilian were killed by a sniper in Benghazi today when a family car tried to cross the Guiliana Bridge.

The driver’s wife was killed when the gunmen opened up on the car and his niece, who was eight-months pregnant, was shot in the side. A sailor who rushed to help was then shot dead. The dead serviceman has been named as Ahmed Mousa Al-Zwai from the nearby navy operations room. The family has not been identified.

The driver, who was also injured, was taken to hospital along with his niece. The baby was delivered prematurely but healthy. The mother however is still in a serious condition.

An army source said the sniper was positioned in a high building in Suq Al-Hout on the other side of the bridge. However Suq Al-Hout is too far away. The sniper may therefore have been operating outside the militant enclave.

Meanwhile as Libyan National Army continues to surround their positions in the city’s Sabri and Suq Al-Hout, militants blew up a bridge at Al-Thama on the coastal road heading into Sabri.



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