International companies attend Benghazi conference on rebuilding city

By Sami Zaptia.

(LANA Beida)

The First Rebuild Forum for National and International Companies was held in Benghazi. Photo: (LANA Beida).

London, 10 April 2017:

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Benghazi, the Benghazi Chamber of Commerce, the Arabia Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) and the eastern-based Central Bank of Libya the First Rebuild Forum for National and International Companies Benghazi was held at the Conference Hall of AGOCO in Benghazi 8-9 April.

Members of the House of Representatives, Benghazi Municipality, the oil sector, the CBL and banking sector, university academics and research centres, engineering consultants, private business and civil society attended the event.

The mayor of the municipality of Benghazi Ahmed Al-Oraibi said in his opening speech that the event was the starting point in the right direction for the rebuilding of the city of Benghazi, adding that the priority will be given to the companies whose countries had supported Benghazi in its fight against terrorism.

The forum introduced through a series of presentations the city’s masterplan and infrastructure through its demographics, utilities as well as reviewing the areas damaged during the city’s war on terrorism.

Organizers said that the aim of the event was to encourage local companies to exchange their experiences, expertise and knowledge with international companies. It was also to provide international companies with the opportunity to present their financial and technical backgrounds and previous experiences in their fields and the opportunity to participate in the reconstruction, infrastructure and housing projects.

Local TV reported that a number of Egyptian companies ‘‘signed a number of contracts’’, however, observers thought they were in fact memorandums of understanding rather than contracts. Egyptian, Chinese, Kuwaiti and a French company were listed by organizers as participants. Attempts to obtain some more details about these contracts and the international companies attending the event have so far been unsuccessful.

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