Local IS suspect reported gunned down in Sabratha

By Libya Herald reporters.

Tripoli, 23 April 2017:

A wanted IS suspect is reported to have been gunned down in Sabratha today .

Abdullah Dabbashi from a leading family in the town was injured after US jets struck an IS compound in the town in February 2016 .

He was taken for treatment in Zawia where he was  said to be guarded  members of Farouq Brigade, led by Abu Obeida Al-Zawi, one Libya Dawn’s more radical commanders.

However at the time a local official insisted to the Libya Herald that Dabbashi was dead, killed in a raid on his house.

Before the US raid, in which two Serb diplomats, allegedly kidnapped by Dabbashi, were killed, Sabratha’s mayor Hussein Dhawadi had denied there were any terrorists in the town and had even staged a supervised press trip to prove this.

Pictures of social media today showed a man said to be Dabbashi slumped in the back of a car with bullet wounds to the head and upper body.

It is unclear how he and a relative travelling with him came to be killed. In the wake of the US raid, security forces in Sabratha reinforced from Tripoli fought running battles with terrorists. It was during one such action that they claimed to have killed Dabbashi.

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