Libya’s business community to meet in an attempt to offer solutions to its economic problems

By Sami Zaptia.

London, 28 April 2017:

Libya’s business community has announced that it is to hold a meeting in an attempt to launch a national initiative to solve Libya’s dire financial and economic problems, a business source informed Libya Herald.

The leadership and members of the Libyan Businessmen Council, the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Tripoli Chamber of Commerce and the Libyan Council for Oil and Gas have come together to hold a wide ranging meeting in order to offer some real solutions to the country’s deep economic problems.

The first meeting will be held on Sunday 30 April at the Tripoli Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Tripoli at 10 am. During this meeting an agenda will be agreed and a preparatory committee will be selected based in order to organize a conference early in May.

The initiative has come after business leaders felt that neither the Central Bank of Libya nor the various state entities and governments were capable of breaking out of the current stalemate and deadlock. They felt that the Libyan economic and financial situation had reached such depts. that there is a danger the country could fall over the cliff and point of no return.

They hope that such a meeting and conference might act as a catalyst and galvanise Libyans across political divides into taking positive action to in order to save the economy and hence the future of the country.

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