Sudan reiterates support for Presidency Council but concerned about Darfuri rebels in Libya

By Jamie Prentis.

Ibrahim Ghandour Kobler

Martin Kobler with Sudan’s foreign minister Ibrahim Ghandour (Photo: UNSMIL)

Tunis, 1 May 2017:

Sudan has accused unnamed groups in Libya of harbouring Darfuri rebels. The news emerged following talks between UN envoy Martin Kobler and the Sudanese foreign minister Ibrahim Ghandour in Khartoum.

Kobler condemned the use of rebel militias and cited international law banning armed groups from operating outside their own country.

In their talks, Sudan once again threw its weight behind the UN-backed Presidency Council and its administration, describing it as the “legitimate Libyan government.”

Ghandour said the administration of Presidency Council leader Faiez Serraj needed more support from the international community. Both sides agreed that only a strong government could bolster Libya’s security and economy.

Illegal migration was also looked at, with many migrants coming from Sudan or passing through its territory on their way to Libya.

Both countries had agreed in November 2013 to deploy joint forces to secure the border but instability in Libya has made this impossible.

The border was also one of the main points of discussion in talks between Kobler and the Sudanese chief-of-staff Lieutenant General Imad-Eddin Adawi.


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