National Library in Benghazi recaptured as LNA losses mount

By Ayman Amzein.

The National Library in Benghazi recaptured today (File Photo)

The National Library in Benghazi recaptured today (File Photo)

Benghazi, 9 May 2017:

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has recaptured the National Library in Benghazi’s Sabri district from Islamic militants in heavy fighting there and in Suq Al-Hout during which at least 13 more soldiers died and another 55 wounded.

The fact that in the48 hours since the assault on the last two militant enclaves began, at least 24 troops have died and over 110 been wounded is evidence of the fierce resistance the LNA is encountering. There are still no figures for killed or captured militants.

The National Library set in its own parkland is reported to have been badly damaged in the fighting. It is unclear what has happened to its stock of 150,000 books and archives.

Social media pictures posted by LNA soldiers show tanks attacking from the coastal side of Sabri, suggesting that the militants may finally have been cut off from their intermittent supplies brought in by boat.

The LNA is also reported to have captured ground around the Al-Hilal football ground.

Roads leading from the front lines to the Benghazi Medical Centre and the Jalaa hospital remained blocked to civilian traffic to allow Red Crescent ambulances clear passage.

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